MIIND Lemon-Melissa
Refreshing Drink

MIIND Grape-Mint
Refreshing Drink

That’s MIIND: a low-calorie refreshing drink infused with Austrian spring water that gives your thoughts clarity and purity. The mind becomes free, the thoughts structured, the focus always on your own goals. Enjoy MIIND throughout the day, without a guilty conscience, but with an alert mind.

Info:  The Refreshing Drinks are filled in Austria with 100% Austrian spring water. Each of our Refreshing Drinks is absolutely low in calories and never has more than 18 kcal per 100 ml.
In addition, our Refreshing Drinks contain natural caffeine, which is extracted from the coffee bean. MIIND is vegan, of course, and has vitamins B6 and B12, which stimulate the metabolism and counteract fatigue.

available in over 500 stores

available throughout Austria

available in over 100 stores

Vision: Our vision is to create a stronger and better awareness on the journey to success. With a strong MIINDSET that is not irritated by negative influences, we encourage our community to want more than the average and always strive for new goals. With MIIND you have your companion to success, there is no fear of challenges or doubts, because your MIINDSET is absolutely bulletproof.

Mission:  We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing a platform for people who are hungry for success, to creating a community that encourages each other to perform at their best and to celebrate success with each other. With MIIND, you’ll make it to the next level – whether on your professional path or in sports competition.

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